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Announcement of the establishment of Altitude Incubation, a company specializing in new business incubation


Development of specialized incubation services for the formation and realization of new businesses

Altitude Inc. (President: Yusuke Imaoka, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereafter Altitude) is pleased to announce the establishment of Altitude Incubation Inc. (hereafter Altitude Incubation) as a subsidiary to provide the capability to form and realize new businesses and one-stop support for planning, development and operation of new business start-ups.

Since its inception in 2014, Altitude Inc. has been building up a track record of success in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, with the mission of accelerating innovation by building a bridge between advanced technologies, society and businesses.

In the future, as digitalization accelerates, the speed of business formation and the formation of alliances and ecosystems with other companies are becoming more and more important in the formation of new businesses. Altitude Incubation Inc. is committed to the early launch of new businesses through the application of lean startup and large-scale agile development methods, and the formation of an ecosystem of partners (domestic and international universities, startups, etc.) needed for business development.

【About Altitude Incubation Inc.】
Altitude Incubation Inc. (now AQTIA Inc.) enables companies to establish new businesses by quickly forming new markets and acquiring dominant positions by providing the capabilities necessary to form and realize businesses based on their new business strategies and plans.

Trade NameAltitude Incubation Inc.
RepresentativeYukio Kitano CEO
LocationHead office: 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
EstablishedDecember 14, 2017
Capital10 million yen
Business contentPlanning/Development/Operation for launching new business
Joint venture Forming/Management for launching new business
Planning/Development/Operation for technology innovation and technology market creation, expansion and optimization
Provide business management strategy proposals, productivity improvement as well as the information of other relevant firms, and make planning, development and operation.

【About Altitude, Inc.】
Based in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, our mission is to serve as a bridge between advanced technology, society and the corporate world, and to accelerate the realization of innovation. Our mission is to speedily materialize ideas that lead to the creation of corporate value, while at the same time realizing highly effective business plans and system design by combining cutting-edge technology and consulting methodologies.

Trade NameAltitude Inc.
RepresentativeYusuke Imaoka CEO
Location1-12-32, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
EstablishedFebruary 27, 2014
Business DescriptionConsulting on technology innovation and the creation, expansion, and optimization of markets and new businesses based on technology
Providing information and consulting on corporate strategy planning, productivity improvement, and other aspects of corporate management
Consulting on new business incubation and partnering in foreign countries (Silicon Valley, etc.)