「Case study introduced in

Case study introduced in “AWS Summit Online”


TANITA Corporation and Representative Director our company will make a speech at “AWS Summit Online” which will be held from Tuesday, September 8.

At the “AWS Summit Online”, which will be held from Tuesday, September 8 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Mr. Mochizuki of TANITA Corporation and Mr. Kitano of our company, CEO , will introduce examples of ALBLO cloud services.

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The overview of this session is as follows.

SpeakerKei Mochizuki, Director, Engineering Section 5, Mass Production Design Center, Production Strategy Headquarters, TANITA Corporation
Yukio Kitano, CEO, AQTIA Inc.
TitleTANITA’s Challenge: From Product to Platform
New Alcohol Testing with the ALBLO Cloud Service
ContentsTANITA’s alcohol detector “ALBLO” series is among the best in the industry. In order to respond to the recent trend of alcohol testing by air carriers, we are taking on the challenge of realizing a new service that meets the testing standards set by the government. By combining ALBLO’s existing products with the cloud, we succeeded in realizing the “Alcohol inspection system that does not require an attendant” required by the airline industry in a short period of time. In this session, we will introduce TANITA’s challenge of transforming its “Mono” into a “Platform Services” by combining its own with the latest digital technology, from the background to the point of utilizing AWS.

Outline of “AWS Summit Online” (How to apply)
Date: Sep 08 to Sep 30, 2020 On-demand delivery
Participation: Free
Sponsor: Amazon Web Services Japan, Inc.
URL : https://aws.amazon.com/jp/summits/2020